Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pearl Onions?

NOPE. These beauties are elephant-garlic pearls from Turkey Hill Farm. When you cut into one, the absence of layers and the familiar waft of garlic betray its true identity. Elephant garlic is generally milder than the standard super-market variety.

I want to roast a handful of these perfect pearls in their skins until meltingly tender and slightly caramelized. A gentle squeeze of a papery package will send its sweet, soft contents onto a slice of rustic bread. A glass of good beer will make it dinner.


downtown guy said...

If I cook it and it doesn't have garlic in it, odds are it's dessert.

Miss Trashahassee said...

Reckon y'all ain't gotta worry about no vampires hangin' out around your place none.

Miss T

foodandbrewlove said...

Downtown guy -- me, too! Mmmmmmmmm.

Miss T: that's a great bonus. Now that it's raining, I'm already having to worry about the mosquitoes. Vampires would just be too much.